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Sunday, May 12, 2013

MixZ Guide to Eating 5 Times a Day for Good Health

Diet plan wise (when I can) I do the whole 5 portions a day routines. Here is how I usually do it.   

Note: I am in no way a nutritionist but this is what has been working for me to go from 205 lbs to my current weight of 155 lbs and all in this note is based off my personal experience.
  1. Within a hour of waking up have breakfast (300-500 calories)
  2. 3 hours-ish later snack time (100-200 calories)
  3. 3 hours-ish later Lunch (300-500 calories)
  4. 3 hours-ish later snack time (100-200 calories)
  5. 3 hours-ish later Dinner (300-500) calories
Note: Do not eat beyond 8pm but aim for 7pm

Naturally this is a ballpark guess on the calorie intake as it mosty depends on your workout routine and how often you do it. For example; myself I am around 2200 calories per day as I work out everyday for at least 2 hours with Zumba or Martial Arts training except Sunday which I treat as a cheat day (I will never let go of Beef Curry or Ramen).  Make sure your portions are small/medium as you will be eating more often then your typical person of 3 times a day.

Drink as much water as you can throughout the day. I usually drink 2 bottles of water by lunch time then 2 more until dinner. This does not include the water I am drinking with the meals or post workout.  I do have a Sprite Zero with my lunch and dinner but mostly to keep my sweet tooth under control.  Lastly try to ignore alcohol all together during your weight loss phase as most drinks are very high in calorie and will usually mess up your plan.  If you must one drink should be alright but less or none at all is better.

Try and aim for your workout to be followed by Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. This will help burn the food as recovery fuel as your body's metabolism is at its full strength for about a hour after your work out. Also lessens the chance that any food you take in after a work out to get stored as fat.

This type of eating habits helps get your metabolism rolling again like how it was when we were growing up. Reason for the 3 hours lapse between meals that is the typical time it takes for your body's metabolism to burn down the food but will also stop after that. So once you eat again after the time your body tells its to start up again so your metabolism is always running. Since the snack is smaller than the meal it will now burn off the snack and also the past meal it could not finish.

On a final note the reason behind not eating after 7/8pm is that you want to try and aim to sleep for 8 hours at the end of the day.  While you are sleeping you will still continue to lose weight while your body is in sleep mode.  Some people I have heard have a snack right before bed to help reboot their metabolism before bed but that is pretty much a trial and error if it works for you.  For me not so much as I am pretty good food wise after 7pm.

Good luck and I will be updating this as I go or leave feedback of your experience.

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