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Online Gaming History

List of online games I have played throughout the years that are among my favorite at the time or currently.  Naturally I have played WAY more games then I list here but nonetheless some games you should check out, providing some are still alive.  My current gaming list is just are the games that I play as my "main" games.  I play a lot of others games when I have time but always drop to this list when it comes to streams, friends, etc.  Also added a list of games that I am looking forward to in the near future.

  • Tom Clancy's The Division (Release 2014) This was revealed at the 2013 E3 Expo and my jaw dropped on the floor.  It has everything I want in a modern MMO.  The Tom Clancy third person shooter style (Which happens to be my favorite style for shooters), survival (i.e.  you need food, water, resources, etc), PvE content, and PvP that can happen at any time.  Really excited for this one and will be watching it closely.
  • Wildstar (Release 2013) A sci-fi MMO that has an upgraded graphic look of WoW but with some good old "Family Guy" type of humor.  With all the info that is available from their site I am really looking forward to this upcoming MMO.

  • Guild Wars 2 (August 2012) An excellent B2P mmo game that has nearly everything a sub based MMO has and is still getting more. First MMO in my view to get the action combat gamplay right.
  • Defiance (April 2013) Buy 2 play (B2P) that ties in with the Syfy TV show under the same name an interesting project by Trion that I hope goes well. I good online shooter if you need a break from swords and magic.
  • ARMA 3 (March 2013) I had no real interest in ARMA 2 only for the DayZ Mod however with DayZ using much of the ARMA 3 tech I decided to buy into the Alpha public test since the game cost will be cheaper than release.  Surprisingly a lot of fun and have high hopes for DayZ.  But as a military shooter is much more close to what you expect from what its like to be a soldier vice the run and gun of Call of Duty style gaming.
  • Arma 2: DayZ Mod (July 2012)  This caught me by surprise and is really fun survivor game despite it being a mod to the game ARMA 2 and in alpha.  A standalone game is on the way and really looking forward to getting into that.
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic (December 2011) Was really hoping Bioware was going to do this right but fell short once at end game. I did try out the free 2 play (F2P) reboot but probably the worse F2P model I have ever seen.
  • Lord of the Rings Online (April 2007) When I was living in Oklahoma played this great game with an awesome kinship but once moved back to Japan and the game going F2P left little time to play.
  • Guild Wars (May 2005) My time playing was on and off throughout there expansions. I did pick it back up before GW2 to finish achievements. A good game for its time.
  • World of Warcraft (March 2005) I've been off and on with this game more than any other. She is reliable and always there when I need that WoW fix.  Sadly with recent promotion in my career prevents me from doing progression raiding on a set schedule.
  • Final Fantasy XI (April 2004) Rocked with this MMO on the PS2 but due to real life matters I drop this game and never came back. Hoping for FF XIV ARR to be successful.
  • Star Wars Galaxies (June 2003) The game that started my online gaming. While living in Japan was a blast to play until CU was launched and ruined it with NGE being the finishing move.

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